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Commercial Foundation Repair

concrete slab under construction

Commercial foundations are more significant than regular home foundations. Due to their size and the nature of their construction, they are prone to various foundation problems. Some of these damages are caused by problems that occur during the initial construction of the foundation, such as poorly mixed concrete and soil compaction issues. Common signs of commercial foundation failure include; shifting structures, loping floors, leaning walls, cracked walls, cracked flooring, poor window or door alignment, water leakage, crumbling structure, and so on. When you notice any of these signs, contact Port St. Lucie. They have perfect innovative solutions to help you out.


What Are The Reasons For Commercial Foundation Damage?

Commercial Foundations may also be affected by changes in soil or moisture conditions surrounding the foundation. When you visibly notice any of the signs mentioned above, it means your foundation is in distress, and you need to hire the services of a foundation repair specialist. The size of the foundation does not support DIY solutions. Our specialized contractors can review these problems and treat them with an innovative solution. Whether we are working on the foundation of a shopping mall or a large industry, we have the skills required to complete the project flawlessly. We have identified common commercial foundation problems through our work with hundreds of clients. We have spent a long time reviewing various solutions to deal with these problems. And we have tested a variety of strategies to prevent your foundation from deteriorating further.


Underpinning and Piling

We will offer you solutions that will restore the condition of your commercial foundation. To deal with sinking foundations, we utilize underpinning techniques. This technique involves constructing steel push piers that will transfer the structure's weight evenly. When these piers are pushed into the ground, they take the weight off the unstable soil under the foundation and share it to more stable sub-soil underneath. Another popular commercial foundation repair solution is called Piling. Helical piles will be screwed to the ground and removed slowly for this technique. When they are removed, concrete is poured into the shaft they have created in the soil. This way, contractors will support the foundation with concrete piles without any disruptive construction work.


Soil Nailing

We also utilise soil nailing to secure your foundation. This technique is used to stabilize foundation walls that have started to lean. Leaning foundation walls may result from the contraction and expansion of the foundation walls. Special devices will be attached to these walls and anchored to the soil. They will apply to counteract pressure on the walls to correct the bowing or leaning. After some time, the walls return to normal, and the misalignment on your building is adjusted. Our foundation repair contractors will work round the clock to provide you with one-of-a-kind commercial foundation repair. Contact us for your inquiries and to book an appointment for your property.

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