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Seawall Repair

excavators near the shore

If you have a home close to a large body of water, you must be familiar with the concept of coastal erosion. This event occurs when the water washes underneath the home's structure and gently eats away at the foundation. Seawalls were used to tackle recurrent coastal erosion by keeping the foundation in one place. The seawalls prevented the water from getting underneath the house and degrading its foundation. They are the only protection standing between your property and the bottom of the ocean. So, what do you do when your seawall starts to show signs of damage? Residents in Port St. Lucie can book our seawall repair services in different parts of Port St. Lucie. We are a network of foundation repair specialists.


What Is The Importance Of A Seawall?

If you own a home in a coastal region like Port St. Lucie, then you probably have a seawall on your property. A lot of money is spent on the construction of these innovative seawalls. As a result, their importance can't be overestimated. Despite it's simple design, this structure effectively prevents your building's foundation from being washed away. They are tough but also require regular maintenance. Considering the structure's overall cost and significance, homeowners should treat seawall repair seriously. As soon as your seawall begins to show signs of damage, contact a professional to check it out for you. We understand the technicalities of setting up and maintaining these seawalls. We utilize advanced tools to take care of your seawall. Our repair services will keep your home solid and standing for many years to come.


What Are Signs Of Seawall Damage?

After your seawall has been constructed for a long period, it is subject to damage and deterioration. This damage may result from weather, soil conditions, and continuous exposure to saline water. When your seawall starts to get weak, some of the signs you'll see include; cracks, outward movement, leaning, bulging, crumbling and general deterioration. If you notice some signs of weakness on your seawall, it may mean that this structure is due for some maintenance and repair. Ignoring signs of seawall damage will only lead to worse problems for your property. You can't compromise on the quality of the repair service that you hire. At Port St. Lucie Foundation Repair, we offer state-of-the-art repair services for different types of seawall damage. If you need this unique type of foundation repair, contact us today.


What Are The Services We Offer?

Seawall repair describes all rejuvenation efforts conducted on damaged parts of the structure. These repairs may include minor or major activities such as replacing seawall caps, replacing panels, sealing leaks and cracks, and so on. In scenarios where the damage to the seawall is extensive, a complete wall replacement is the recommended action. But more minor repairs help prevent the need for large-scale repairs. At Port St. Lucie Foundation Repair, we offer innovative repair services for residential and commercial structures. Our team provides high-end solutions that will rejuvenate the state of your seawall. Our seawall services include seawall repair for coastal commercial structures, beachfront houses and apartments, piers and marians, and vacation houses.

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