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Port St. Lucie Foundation Repair is a locally-owned firm designed to provide quality repair services to homeowners in the region while maintaining positive relationships with our clientele. A damaged foundation will deteriorate over time and can be dangerous to the users of the property. We have an experienced team of foundation repair contractors that will quickly help you fix the problem with your building's foundation and eliminate any future damage. We are proud to be the top repair solutions provider in the region. We have provided exemplary foundation repair services to residential clients and commercial property owners for many decades. We specialize in non-invasive solutions that will maintain the structure of your property. We will inspect the quality of the design you currently have in place and identify the source of the problem.


At Port St. Lucie, our services are state of the art and executed with high-end equipment. We are capable of different foundation repair services, including slab foundation repair, commercial foundation repair, sinkhole repair, crawlspace repair, polyurethane foam injection, etc. We have a long-standing commitment to improving the living conditions of you and your family members by maintaining the structural integrity of your home. We avoid using one-size-fits-all solutions that may be ineffective in specific scenarios. Instead, we create custom solutions that are perfect for every project. Our services consider all the factors affecting the repair, including the size of the project and the client's budget in question.

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